Sag man and leo woman compatibility

SAGITTARIUS MAN AND LEO WOMAN COMPATIBILITY The main characteristic the Lioness shares with the male Archer is energy. Naturally, these two individuals always think positively and rarely worry or feel emotional. Having an independent Leo as a mate, the guy will gain much motivation and balance in different aspects. This pairing is able to create a liberal, exciting partnership by taking part in thrilling adventures and fun parties together. In the bedroom, how compatible are Leo woman and Sagittarius man? The male knows how to bring the heat and the female can bring it up to maximum pleasure.

They are both incredibly sexual creatures and they do enjoy raising the stakes to keep things interesting between the sheets. The only problem the Leo — Sagittarius match needs to be careful is the ego from two sides. The male Archer can be brutally frank even with his mate, and what he says may wound the ego of the Lion lady. Proud and regal, she demands to be placed on a pedestal at all times.

This outward display of affection of a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman should not be misconstrued for their unemotional approach to life.

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

These individuals are very sentimental too and if you mess with them in the wrong way, they are bound to come and get even with you. A Leo woman is smart and talented in many ways. She could be known as the jack of all trades but the master of none. However, do not underestimate her powers because she can take up a task and effortlessly finish it without complaining about it.

A Sagittarius man however, is the total opposite of his Leo woman. He is lazy, clumsy and prone to being a messy man. He will drop expensive vases, he will stain his tee-shirts with food and he would act like a complete baby when he needs some extra love and attention. Even though there is this side to his personality, there is also a wild side to him which calls on his primal flirtatious instincts and allows him to be the life of a party.

A Sagittarius man has a pleasing personality and a charming face to go with it which makes it possible for people to remember him even if their meetings happened months ago. I am trying to find out if this is ment for a lifetime.

Leo and Sagittarius, What You are Like Together

The amalgamation of two fire signs can be dangerous, exciting and powerful. Both the male Sagittarius and the female Leo is ruled by the element of Fire, which. Leo and Sagittarius represent a couple that connects vision and creativity, passion and focus. Leo Compatibility With Sagittarius in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship and Trust. . man. Leo woman - information and insights on the Leo woman. Sagittarius man - information and insights on the Sagittarius man.

Taurus and leo are both stubborn, maybe we are to stubborn to even say…this is going nowhere. We have been trough so much and still dealing with enough that.. I still love him. But can a lioness have a long term relationship with one? The ones i know where all a bit too playfull haha. I never would cling to one. Lots of buts…thats my doubt, now that i read back.

Taurus and sagittarius are realy.. Still both, goes well. Its all about how your mind is set. My doubt came after 14 years with 4 years of stress.

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For a leo its hard to let go. Fixed sign all over me. Who knows sagittarius will set me free, or maybe realize, i need to hold on to what i got. Ty sagittarius! I've just broken up with my Sagi man after 3 years of a very very rocky explosive relationship. It was fun, romantic, exciting to begin with but I did notice he never stopped staring at other women, not looking, staring until the victim looked back at him and they got younger and younger.

I had to bite my tongue because it wasn't worth the hassle, his temper was unbelievable and he said the nastiest things to me, I don't even know why I kept going back with him.

He thinks he's free to do and say whatever he wants with me around or without me. I'm a loyal person and to see this kind of behaviour was very hurtful to me. Once he noticed two pakistani girls in headress and the next time I looked up, he was with them taking photos of them posing for him.


The last time, New years eve was the last straw. Taking into account he's 49, he was staring time and time again at a young girl of about 16, we were playing pool, and as we went to the amusement arcade, I noticed her running around and I went to the loo. When I came out I could not find him and then he popped up from nowhere and said 'come on! I bit my tongue but he knew there was something wrong and hounded me until we got to my house and finally I told him what I;d seen. He absolutely hit the roof, ffing and blinding, I ended up yelling he was a pedo and he stormed off and left the house.

Since then he's done nothing but tell me I need professional help and I just finished with him — I can't take any more of all this. I dated a sag, briefly. I am a lady leo. He was a complete ass. But we had the spark and it might have been something but if I talked to guy friends he felt i was cheating. I didnt think sagittarian men got jealous? He talked crazy to me also. I almost had to go out of the room when he blew a gasket, I found it difficult not to laugh!

I mean really?? Wtf does he think he is to say such things. Very amusing. The sex was gr8. I would just come over at bedtime, do the deed and sneak out before he woke up …. Im a Sag, im involved with a Leo. I love her so much. I wonder if im going in the right direction. The fact, that you- as sagittarius is wondering if your going in the right direction, means you do realy care.

Otherwise you would have already moved on. I think, give it time.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Every relationship is still different. She just got out of a relationship. The love between sagittarius and leo is like fire- it goes fast.

Enjoy eachother. Just be yourself, make her feel special and she will make you feel proud. If she is the type of leo that wants to settle down, and your the type of sagittarius that hang on to freedom too much, …then you should talk about that. I guess, she doesnt want to move into another long term relationship, after she has been in one? Just take her out, be with her and have fun. Shine, smile and make jokes- enjoy life. Wish you all the best! I'm a Leo girl and just started dating a Sagg boy. Our chemistry is amazing, we really get each other going. But like you said, he's always teasing and picking on me, and sometimes it's really annoying; then I want to take control in bed and that annoys him as well.

He's a dork and extremely sexy. I play hard to get and he can't enough of my charm. I am a Leo woman madly in love with a sag man.. Nothing but smiles and passion. True I get a bit jealous but he never hesitates to make me feel like Im the one. I am a leo woman and I just got out of a 5 year relationship with a taurus, not too long ago. Just recently I started talking to a sagg. And we are just getting to know eachother. However I'm not sure if I could ever let anyone get close to my heart and break it again just because of my trust issues..

I'm not sure what he thinks though..

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I'm from Australia, born fire sign LEO, hell ye we rock girls!! We are the only fun, courages, outgoing, intelligent yet loving caring zodiac signs… We have it all. Just be patient with us as we over analize at times. I'am a Leo women, I find it hard to connect with anyone, Im extremely picky and apparently I come across intimidating.