Markesh dasha in astrology

Markesh Yog in Horoscope

Sometimes, you may act in a very practical way, setting aside all the norms and regulations. You may also be restless and of volatile mind.

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You may tend to take decisions and initiatives, merely on the basis of emotions and hunches. These positive results may be there if Moon is well placed in your vedic astrology birth chart; and the lagna is devoid of any malefic influences. You may suffer from severe physical pains and injuries; and your relationships may not be healthy. You may have negative attitude and fault finding tendency. Severe affliction of Saturn on Moon may also result in anxiety and depression.

Analysis of Markesha in Kundali

You may have fear of enemies, suffer from instability in your family and professional matters and may also have short life span. Mars is the best planet for your horoscope as it rules over fifth and tenth houses and acts as a Yogakaraka planet. A well placed and strong Mars may bless you with high positions and reputed social status. The union of Mars with Jupiter is most auspicious and may bless you with happiness, success, luxury and high social status in life.

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It may also bless you with easy success in life and good support of family. Mercury and Venus are not much auspicious; specifically when they are weak or badly placed.

Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

A badly disposed Mercury in your horoscope may cause you to struggle extensively in your life; as well as lack of support from friends, relatives and co-borns. Weak and afflicted Venus may deny you from happiness in married life; lack of domestic peace and financial problems. The union of the Mercury with Sun may also generate financial crunches and you may be extravagant in nature. Union of Mars with Venus generates a Raj Yoga; however, the potency of the Raj Yoga will depend a lot upon the nature of your house and zodiac sign occupied by these planets.

Markesh dosh in kundli

If these two planets viz. Mars and Venus are united in Kendra or Trikona houses and devoid of any malefic influence; it may bless you with good riches, high position and successful life. The best part of being born in Cancer Ascendant is being a dependable and trustworthy personality, specifically in family and close relationships.

Until and unless, Mars and Moon are not severely damaged, Cancer Ascendant people are capable of taking and accepting their responsibilities in overall aspects of life. Another positive aspect is their strong will power, specifically if Moon and Jupiter are auspiciously disposed.

Generally, you may be able to overcome and emerge victorious within difficult situations and are capable of dealing with your enemies and rivals quite effectively. You may be a good host and may like to celebrate occasionally. The weak aspects of your personality are volatile mind , carelessness and sensitive stomach. You may tend to take risky decisions, purely based upon intuition and suffer failures and financial losses.

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You may also be restless and impatient in nature. Besides this, Cancer Ascendant people are comparatively more vulnerable to be exploited emotionally and may get trapped into unwarranted commitments and relationships. Now what happens if according to his horoscope the Dasha of Markesh comes very very late or not likely?

Then he faces these kind of severe problems during Antardashas of Markesh during every Mahadasha.

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  • Maraka effects can be defined in the following manner..

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In astrology 2nd, 7th house are called Marka houses and lord of that houses are called Markesh. Usually during main dasha or pratyantar. Markesh is a bad period when you go through accidents or very rough times. the Rahu period (dasha); eat food in the place its made; don't think too much; . Move From Astrology to Spirituality by Astro Vani on June

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