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Saturn is much more effective in Capricorn. Saturn rules authority, discipline, responsibility, hard work, perseverance through difficulty, practicality, frugality, restriction, consequences, and loss. In Capricorn, this focus is undiluted.

The Lord of Karma will be at full strength for the next three years. There are ways to work with this energy for positive gain. Saturn teaches lasting lessons. Endure the adversity he throws at you, and you will grow wiser, stronger, and more resilient. The best way to do Saturn in Capricorn is to get practical and dedicate yourself to your goals. Read on to learn what we can expect from this shift. Any one of these events could be a subject for a much longer article about the implications. The stock market crash of October happened when Saturn was at The severe drought of the Dust Bowl began in , with colossal dust storms beginning in Themes of capitalism vs.

In , Time Inc. Moscow got its first McDonald's in Incidentally, in a disheartening echo of both the crash and 80s trickle-down economics, Saturn was at degrees of Sagittarius in the early morning of December 2nd, when the senate passed a tax plan that will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy.

Pluto was within a degree of the galactic center at the beginning of the Great Recession started in December And save your money. The last three transits of Saturn through Capricorn have coincided with enormous civil rights movements. When Saturn was here in , Gandhi led the movement for Indian independence from British rule. The Berlin Wall, which began construction when Saturn was in Capricorn in , fell after his return to this sign in Looking at historical themes from Saturn in Capricorn, I would expect shifts in economic policy, government structures, and civil rights.

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In fact, with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in - , and Jupiter joining both of them in December , it looks like a recipe for major transformation. Pluto has been restructuring Capricorn themes of business and government since , and will continue to do so through Is a big transformation good or bad? It depends on where you sit, and it remains to be seen.

With Saturn trine Uranus in Taurus, the sign of money, starting in May , we should see some economic developments. I think just in case it would be wise to prepare for Saturnine economic restrictions, or at least eventual restrictions as a consequence of irresponsibility. In the best case scenario, we can redistribute wealth and reform the class system.

Restructuring works both ways. The resistance is currently happening. Topics that resonate with previous Saturn in Capricorn periods include the War on Drugs, gun control laws, birth control, workers' rights, and taking responsibility for the environment. This Saturn-Uranus trine could also bring some innovation around things like bitcoin, automation, and basic income. Themes of net neutrality, citizen privacy, and the social responsibilities of Facebook and Twitter are likely to be at the center of the discussion. With Saturn, this involves doing food the old-fashioned way: farming real food responsibly and eating for health.

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Saturn in Capricorn can be the period when we build the Berlin Wall, or the period when it falls. Which parts of history do you want to echo for the next three years? Saturn will bring themes of adversity, responsibility, discipline, and consequences to the sector of your chart where you have Capricorn. If you have Capricorn in your second house, for example, you will need to manage your money with a great deal of responsibility, as you may be working hard for it and even experiencing some restriction around income. A penny saved is a penny earned, in other words. Saturn transiting your tenth house can bring adversity in your career, and you will need to put a lot of hours in to reap the rewards you seek.

How intense your Saturn transit is depends on your natal chart. If you have Saturn in Capricorn natally i. This is a rite of passage for everyone around the age of 30, one where you are challenged to become a true adult. It's a great time to have a personal consultation about Saturn's role in your natal chart. Set ambitious goals and work towards them slowly. Saturn is a fan of the slow, hard climb to the top.

Lose the rose-colored glasses. Set boundaries and rules. Structure your days to serve your max potential. No distractions from your personal mission. Be the Boss of your own life.

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The moon is full at Nothing stops a Capricorn. Not the freezing rain and howling winds of January, or the pain of hard work, or an apparent obstacle to a goal.

The sign of Capricorn is represented by the constellation the sea-goat, an impossible creature with a dubious mythological background, that couldn't feasibly survive in water or on land. Not that "impossible" is a word any Capricorn actually knows. Outside of the mythological, Capricorn is typically represented by the mountain goat, which is not actually a true goat, but a hybrid goat-antelope.

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Mountain goats live in harsh alpine climates. Capricorns are known for surviving the harshest of realities and turning survival into a triumph. They scale mountains of ambition, sacrificing everything that isn't strictly necessary on a single-minded quest toward their goals. And when they reach the top of that mountain, there is always a higher peak to climb. Raw ambition is the Capricorn's strength. This sometimes gets them stereotyped by their shadow side: the Scrooge, amassing great wealth but remaining impoverished in love.

Of course, it's possible to achieve great worldly success and strong relationships at the same time. If anyone could win at that impossible game of "having it all", it's a Capricorn. At the new moon in Cancer two weeks ago, I wrote about Capricorn's complementary sign , traditionally associated with the fourth house of home, family, and roots, and with the tarot card The Chariot.

Cancer's primary concern is home, and a chariot is a kind of home away from home, providing safety and protection should the Crab ever have to venture too far. Capricorn is traditionally associated with the tenth house of career or vocation and public image. Growing from the roots, growing up, is Capricorn's primary concern. She may be invested in building a chariot, probably a very impressive, well-made chariot for the people she loves, but she is unlikely to stay there.

She will leave home to go to work, unsheltered from the harsh conditions, focused only on whatever mountain she is climbing next. This full moon is the time to venture out in the Chariot you built at the New Moon. It's not an easy moon. It's a moon that meets Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.

This partial solar eclipse is at 20.41 Cancer on July 12 at 10:47 pm ET

Assess your social circle to ensure your friendships and habits -- like drugs or alcohol -- are healthy. Year of Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: Scorpio, what do they mean to you? Uranus in Taurus Practicality and ingenuity combine as powerful drives in your life now that you have begun a new cycle. While the results of eclipses can be shocking, remember that these lunations simply expedite the inevitable — these events were going to happen eventually. Taurus people are going to be realistic and avoid assuming too big risks, and they will achieve success only through hard work. Because most of this retrograde will occur in Pisces, it'll be very important to stay on top of the details during this time -- Pisces is already a nebulous sign.

Pluto in Capricorn is transforming things from the very bones. It's demolishing any flimsy structures and calling you to take a good look at what's under those foundations.

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It's unearthing skeletons you thought were long buried.