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They get over any eventual failures or bad days with no difficulties and they do everything cheerfully, always thinking of the future.

They will be more grounded in reality than usual and they will take the best decisions. The financial and professional obligations tend to be the problem throughout , but if they are willing to get involved and do what is necessary, they can accomplish a lot. Jupiter will encourage you to explore new possibilities for improvement and development.

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The improvements may refer to family life, the natives could relocate in a bigger house or they might start a house renovation project. They feel inclined to different activities that can help them maintain their physical condition; moreover, for the single natives, signing up for a dance class or club improves their chances of finding a largely compatible partner with similar interests. For Gemini, love and romance are part of their daily life. Their nature is very gentle and luck seems to always shine upon them. Even with this great news, in March they will have to take few important decisions.

Between March and June, you are going to have a hectic time in your sentimental life.

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Indecision and haste can lead to less joy and more disappointment. They face some communication problems and the only chance of solving them is detachment. Thus, caution and a greater capacity for empathy are recommended. Those involved in lasting sentimental relationships seem to face issues caused by monotony or distance.

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Adventures or small distractions and not quite the best options for stress relief. An honest conversation with the loved one or with other trusted people can restore serenity in the relationship. The single natives have a better time. They seem to be satisfied by their status, being confident and optimistic.


Therefore, they can expect pleasant surprises in their love life. For those already involved in a relationship, is the year of wedding bells.

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The family life is going to be peaceful and happy. The love horoscope advises you to get rid of the old bad habits. It is necessary to set some new skills and to make a change for the better. This will surely attract the attention of a special person. Love could come from any direction, so the natives must be ready. A good compatibility is predicted with the Sagittarius, Aries, and Scorpio natives and a lot of caution with the Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn natives. In October, the love life is not the most harmonious one. If you are already involved in a relationship, you are going to face many unpleasant times.

Whether because you are tired of being stuck in a rut, or because you have no more patience, or because you are unsatisfied with your life partner, you will choose to spend more time as a couple. The single ones have chances of meeting a very special person.

Take what you can from their words and let them chew on the rest. Everyone is tight with money these days, but you don't have to let it show. Being cheap doesn't become you. Pretend you never give a second thought to things, much less the money to buy them.

Afraid your accounts are past due? Don't avoid the issue, today. Take a look at the books first thing in the morning.

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Whatever the bottom line is, you'll feel much better for having looked. You are normally quick-footed and light-hearted, no matter who is raining on your parade. However, you're obsessed with doing the right thing now, and this current attraction to perfection prevents you from fully enjoying yourself. You could be afraid that you will lose whatever relationship stability you've gained, prompting you to obstinately stand your ground today. Unfortunately, your resistance creates the opposite effect of what you desire.

Special highlights:

Staying in motion helps the current stress to pass; a rolling stone gathers no moss. You're ability to read a situation will come in handy today.

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Is that cute barista just really friendly to everyone, or are they singling you for some extra attention? Pay attention to their body language, as well as their words, and you'll know the score.

Gemini 12222 Love Horoscope

Feeling frisky, but your sweetie is hard at work? Try your hand at online flirting. Leave sweet notes on their social networking site, or send a sweet compliment by instant-message. Email a love letter to show your romantic side. If you spend the day in constant motion, you couldn't be happier! It's one of those days that feels as if you're in the middle of a universe of parties, and you really want to hit every one of them! Getting your ideas put into action is the only way to make money, but it's also a way to risk losing it.

Your first step is deciding if you can afford to take that kind of chance right now. You'll be meeting lots of people, so make the most of it. Communication is key, but that doesn't mean you should do all the talking. You can generate plenty of ideas by listening. The Gemini presents themselves in two different types of personality; quick-witted and expressive, and you can never be sure with which one you are going to meet face-to-face.

On one hand, the Gemini can be flirtatious, communicative, outgoing and ready for fun, fun, fun. However, when the other twin is present, you can find this air sign serious, restless, contemplative and even indecisive. Things are never boring when a Gemini is on the scene. Best compatible with: Aquarius , Libra.

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