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That is if the seventh lord is united with Jupiter in a female horoscope — it will generate the similar results as Venus for male horoscope. Verse 24 states that if the Venus is placed in second house and the seventh lord is in eleventh house — marriage takes place in 10th or 16th year. If Venus is placed in Kendra and Lagna Ascendant lord in the sign of Saturn — the marriage will take place in the 11th year. The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are called Kendra Bhavas.

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The occupation of the zodiac sign of Saturn by the Ascendant lord is considered to be causing some delay in the marriage due to which the marriage is said to be taking place in 11th year. If Moon also joins the Saturn, then the marriage is in 18th year. This verse is very important and containing good clues for ascertaining the marriage time.

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The disposition of the Venus in Kendra Bhavas 1, 4, 7, 10 houses is supportive for marriage to take place. And, if Moon also comes under the direct influence of Saturn via union; it will further delay the marriage. The nature of Saturn for specific Ascendant as well as the zodiac sign occupied by it will also have a say in determining the exact nature of influence being exerted by Saturn. And, if Saturn happens to be an auspicious planet and occupy auspicious zodiac signs; in that case, the delay may not be significant or even may not take place at all depending upon the nature and strength of seventh lord in the vedic astrology horoscope.

Verse 28 suggests that if, in a vedic astrology horoscope, the lord of second house is placed in eleventh house; and at the same time the Lagna lord is occupying the tenth house— it will generate marriage in the 15th year. This verse indicates the connection and potency of Lagna Lord to generate marriage. A strong and well placed Lagna lord; and the support of second family house is capable of generating marriage.

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Now a day, the age of 15 years will be too early; thus, it can be taken as marriage during prime youth i. And, if the disposition of Venus and seventh lord is also good and supportive; the marriage may take place even during initial phase of young age.

As per Verse 29 ; if there is an exchange taking place between second and eleventh houses of a vedic astrology horoscope; the native will be blessed with marriage during 13th year. This verse appears to be based upon the sole strength of second family house; which can also generate timely marriage. And, the disposition of second lord in Navamsha Chart should also be analyzed for concluding the fruitfulness of this Yoga.

Verse 30 is related with identifying major delays in the marriage. It says that if Venus placed in second house of a vedic astrology horoscope; and at the same time second lord is making union with Mars — this will generate marriage in 22nd or 27th years of age.

For current scenario, this can be taken as marriage around 40 years of age. This verse deals with contradictory placements of planets for marital prospects as well as the role of dispositor in deciding the fruitfulness of a planet. However, the union of second lord with Mars is not considered to be auspicious for matters related to family and marriage. Therefore, under such situation; the results of auspicious planet i.

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Venus will come after delay and obstructions. Verse 31 states that if the Lagna lord in the Navamsha of 7th house of a vedic astrology horoscope i. This verse is also of great importance as such it indicates the importance of planetary placement in Navamsha Chart. In modern times, this can be taken as delayed marriage taking place around 45th years of age. This verse also suggests the importance of Navamsha Chart as well as the role of Venus significator for marriage in male horoscope; and for female horoscope this role is played by Jupiter in blessing the native with marital happiness.

Verse 34 is related to the disposition of Venus in a vedic astrology horoscope.

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It says that if Venus is positioned in fifth house; and Rahu is also placed in fifth or ninth houses — the marriage is said to be taking place in 31st or 33rd year. It says:. Identify the sign occupied by the lord of Ascendant in Lagna and Navamsha Chart.

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And, when Venus or the seventh lord transits through the zodiac signs falling in Trikona house from either of these zodiac signs — this will generate marriage. For example, if one is born in Cancer Ascendant, wherein the first house is ruled by the Moon.

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In that case, the transit of Saturn or Venus from trikona bhavas from these two zodiac signs i. Identify the planet s which are:.

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When the dasa of any of these above planets is operational; and the Ascendant lord is transiting through seventh house, it can generate marriage. Another method of identifying the time of marriage in a vedic astrology horoscope is mentioned below. For deriving appropriate conclusion , during practical applications of these yogas combinations , the following points should be kept into consideration:. A strong and well placed lord of first house; and auspicious planetary influences on the first house ensures good protection against the inauspicious influences taking place in a horoscope.

And, the strength and disposition of second house and its lord is always observed to be very prominently supportive for fruitfulness of marriage and post marital relationships.

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Many times, when the second house and its lord are under severe afflictions; there may be troubles in getting married or problems in post marital relationships. And, therefore, the malefic planetary influences on second house or on seventh lord may also deteriorate the fruitfulness of the horoscope in terms of marriage. And, for female horoscope, this role is assigned to Jupiter.

Quite a time, the disposition of Venus or Jupiter may act as independent factor for deciding the marital significations. However, it has to be seen in the light of overall planetary disposition and the operating dasa. Like, if the relevant planets are fairly disposed and operating dasa is also favoring marriage; even minor transit support may generate the marriage. Complete birth details including date, time and place of birth are required for generating the horoscope. Nice article sir.

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Sir i want to know when i will get married. Name: Prashant Pande. Bhumika name variations, Bhumika name popularity, Bhumika name personality and Numerology. Person with name Bhumika are mainly Hindu by religion. Meaning of bhumika Name - What is the Meaning of Name bhumika? Bhumika Name Meaning. You can go to great heights and equally great depths. Use our Sibling name generator to find matching brother and sister names boy or girl names for the baby name Bicca. Here is a list of Sibling names that go with Bicca. Try our baby name generator. You can combine two names to find matching names.

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Find detailed meaning, origin, gender, rashi, nakshatra, zodiac signs, moon signs , religion, caste, lucky number, lucky color, lucky stone, lucky day, ruling hours. Name Bhoomika generally means Base or Of Earth or Earthly, is of Indian origin, Name Bhoomika is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Bhoomika are.

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List names similar to Can I know when will my marriage take place and will I get a good parter. Dear Sir, Kindly suggest vedic names for my younger boy born on at Along with joy and happiness, it brings various responsibilities, the first one being giving your precious one a lovely and unique name. Name: Prashant Pande.

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